Juli 13, 2009

Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 Guitar to USB Interface

usb guitar interface behringer
* Hubungkan gitar favorit anda ke Komputer PC atau Mac yang menjadi sebuah ampli gitar dan sistim rekaman tanpa perlu segala peralatan lainnya
* Nikmati segera akses ke “Guitar Combos BEHRINGER Edition” dari Native Instruments—pemimpin guitar amp yang asli dan program modeling stomp box
* Paket juga terdiri dari program produksi musik Kristal 16-track dan audio editing Audacity
* Bekerja langsung dengan komputer PC atau Mac —driver ultra-low latency ASIO untuk PC disertakan
* Output Headphone Stereo yang bisa digunakan anda untuk mendengar di komputer dan dapat digunakan untuk memonitor bersama speaker monitor
* Fungsi Playback file dengan kecepatan Variable untuk file audio MP3, WAV, AIFF —sempurna untuk belajar dan berlatih
* Powered via USB—tanpa diperlukan tambahan power supply
* High-quality components dan konstruksi yang awet
* Designed oleh BEHRINGER Germany

Info Musik Teknologi MIDI:

Desember 4, 2007

AX-50 USB Guitar MIDI Converter

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NAMM Show, Anaheim, January 2007. TerraTec Producer, the Germany-based manufacturer of Professional Audio Cards and I/O Solutions is glad to present AXON AX 50 USB. An evolutionary advance in guitar-to-MIDI-controllers, the device is based on the popular model AXON AX 100 MK II and can be seen as “the little brother”. AXON AX 50 USB means easy operation and new connection options – ideal for all guitarists, bassists and violinists who want to integrate MIDI equipment into their computer-based studios and experience the endless sound and composition possibilities. Visitors can experience this device’s precision performance for themselves in hall A, at the Synthax USA booth # 6915, where Burr Johnson will conduct demo shows.

The AXON AX 50 USB offers additional options, such as a USB port with four additional virtual MIDI ports, which makes it ideal for state-of-the-art, computer-based studios. With its 32-bit RISC processor, the guitar-to-MIDI controller immediately translates the vibrations from each string that you strike or strum and sends information about the pitch, dynamics and tone duration to the connected MIDI sound generator. The MIDI sound generator brings music to life using any sound a player chooses. Simply plug in and play to transform a guitar, bass or violin into a synthesizer, an electric piano or a saxophone. Anything is possible – even the simultaneous playing of several instruments.

The AXON AX 50 USB allows to control an external instrument and up to four other software sound machines on the computer: a MIDI-OUT connector and four additional virtual MIDI ports via USB make all of this possible. TerraTec Producer also provides 128 sounds based on the renowned “KONTAKT” Player by Native Instruments for plug and play operation, and of course all the sounds are multitimbral. AXON AX 50 USB lets players divide fingerboards and strings into up to 12 play zones, making it easy to control an entire orchestra. The editor included in the package allows making changes right on the computer.

Priced at 549.00 USD (MSRP) TerraTec Producer´s AXON AX 50 USB will be available right after NAMM Show 2007.
Key features & specific characteristics

* Extremely fast guitar-to-MIDI controller
* Patented early transient recognition system (ETR)
* Software editor for PC and MAC
* USB full speed connection for MIDI
* Four virtual MIDI ports via USB
* Compatible with electric and acoustic guitars and electric basses
* Support for Fret-, string and pick-splitting (up to 12 play area zones)
* 128 programmable presets
* Bright 7-segment display (three characters)
* Built-in tuner
* Instrument output for magnetic pickup signal


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