Januari 10, 2008

Edirol UA4FX USB Audio Interface with MIDI

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The affordable all-in-one mobile recording suite!

An international top-seller for years, Edirol’s UA-series interfaces brought amazing value to computer-recording enthusiasts. Today, Edirol pushes the price/performance envelope again with the new UA-4FX. The portable USB audio/MIDI interface sets a new standard for affordable interfaces with its ultra-fast, low-latency audio & MIDI performance, 24/96 audio resolution, and built-in effects — including a COSM tube mic-preamp simulator for fattening up your tracks. The UA-4FX also includes a copy of Cakewalk’s Sonar LE recording software and Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in (PC), making it a true all-in-one recording solution at an incredibly low price.

USB audio interface with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution

14 types of powerful, easy-to-use onboard effects, including COSM tube mic-preamp simulator

XLR input with phantom power, Hi-Z guitar/dynamic mic input

USB bus powered, no AC adapter required

MIDI I/O with FPT (Fast Processing Technology) for fast, stable performance

Supports WDM, ASIO 2.0, and Mac OS X Core Audio

Cakewalk Sonar LE and Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in included (PC)

Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 surround compatibility via S/PDIF output (Windows XP)

High-Quality Audio
If you demand pristine performance, the UA-4FX can handle audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Send audio in and out of the UA-4FX via its analog I/O or, for the ultimate in high-end audio quality, take advantage of its S/PDIF optical output. Windows XP users can use the optical output for Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 Surround output as well. Any budding film composers or sound designers out there?

Built-In Effects
Great audio and versatile MIDI combined with a quality suite of built-in effects make the UA-4FX an irresistible package for computer-recording enthusiasts on a budget. Why pay extra for outboard or plug-in effects when the UA-4FX provides a quality, COSM tube mic-preamp simulator, multi-band compressor/limiter for mastering, guitar amp-simulator and distortion/chorus/delay for guitar, center cancel, reverb, noise suppressor, and more.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Good news for both Mac and PC users — the UA-4FX is cross-platform compatible. It supports WDM, ASIO 2.0, and Mac OS X Core Audio formats. Enjoy low-latency audio performance on both platforms! PC users are in for an extra treat: Edirol ships the UA-4FX with a complimentary copy of Cakewalk’s Sonar LE multi-track recording software as well as Edirol’s Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in.

Low-Latency MIDI
Great audio is only part of what makes the UA-4FX a star performer. Connect your synths, modules, and controllers via MIDI, and enjoy ultra-fast, stable performance thanks to the FPT (Fast Processing Transmission) technology. A single USB cable provides both the MIDI and audio links between your computer and the UA-4FX.

Portable Power
The UA-4FX receives its power via USB, which means no AC adapter is required. Great for musicians on the go!
Technical Info
Number of audio record/playback channels:
— Record: 1 pair of stereo

— Playback:1 pair of stereo

— Full duplex (Except 96 kHz)

Signal processing:
— PC interface: 24 bits

— AD/DA conversion; 24 bits (linear)

— Internal processing: 32 bits (effect processing)

Sampling frequency:
— Digital output: 44.1/48/96 kHz

— Digital input: 44.1/48/96 kHz

— AD/DA conversion: 44.1/48/96 kHz

* ADVANCE SWITCH = OFF: 44.1 kHz only

Frequency response:
— 96.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 40 kHz (+1 dB/-2 dB)

— 48.0 kHz: 20 Hz to 22 kHz (+1 dB/-1 dB)

— 44.1 kHz: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+1 dB/-1 dB)

Nominal input level:
— Line input jacks: -10 dBu

— MIC input jack (XLR): -45 to -12 dBu

— MIC input jack (except XLR): -45 dBu

— GUITAR input jack: -30 dBu

Nominal output level:
— Line output jacks: -10 dBu

— Residual noise level (input terminated with 1 k ohms, MAIN VOLUME: 0 dB, Monitor: OFF, IHF-A typ.) -105 dBu or less (SN ratio: 108 dB, typ.)


— Digital input/output

— Optical type

— Conforms to IEC60958 consumer format: PCM/AC3

— 1. Mastering: Noise Suppressor/Enhancer/Multi-band Compressor-Limiter

— 2. Listening: Center Cancel/High Boost/Low Boost/Reverb

— 3. Performance: Voice-change/Amp-Simulator and Distortion/Chorus/Delay

— 4. Tube-amp simulator: Tube-Amp-Simulator/Multi-band Compressor-Limiter

— Line input jacks (L, R) (RCA phono type)

— MIC input jack (XLR type, balanced, phantom power +48 V)

— MIC input jack (miniature phone type, plug-in powered)

— GUITAR/MIC input jack (1/4 inch phone type)

— Line Output Jacks (L, R) (RCA phono type)

— Headphones jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)

— Digital input connector (optical type)

— Digital output connector (optical type)

— MIDI connectors (IN/OUT)

— USB connector (USB Type B)

Power supply: supplied from the computer

Current draw: 360 mA

— Owner’s manual

— Advanced operation manual

— USB cable

— Driver CD-ROM

— Sonar LE CD-ROM

System Requirements
— OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home/XP Professional/Me/2000 Professional/98SE/Vista

— Computer: Windows compatible computer equipped with a USB 1.1 port

— CPU/Clock: Pentium, Celeron or Pentium compatible processors / 600MHz or higher

— Memory: 120MB or more

— Hard disk: 120MB or more of free space

— OS: Mac OS X v10.2.3 or later, Mac OS 9 * Mac OS X Classic Mode is not applicable.

— Computer: Apple Macintosh series with on-board USB 1.1 port

— CPU/Clock: PowerPC G3/600MHz or higher * PowerPC G4 or higher is recommended.

— Memory: (RAM) 256MB or more

— Hard disk: 120MB

— Software: OMS 2.3.5 or later, FreeMIDI 1.35 or later (Mac OS 9)

Size and Weight
Width: 171 mm; 6-3/4 in.

Depth: 127 mm; 5 in.

Height: 44 mm; 1-3/4 in.

Weight: 0.3 kg; 0 lbs. 12 oz.

* Compatible with USB 2.0 compatible port. Work as a USB 1.1 device without changing the specifications and performance.* Supports 5.1channel surround output through S/P DIF port (Dolby DIGITAL and DTS 5.1 channel) ONLY when using the UA-4FX on Windows XP. Intervideo’s WinDVD Version 5 or later is required (sold separately) for playing 5.1channel surround sound.

* Edirol UA4FX Interactive Demo

x close
Compact 24-bit, 96kHz 2×2 USB audio/MIDI interface! Built-in effects include tube mic preamp modeling. Mic preamp with XLR input and phantom power. Guitar input. Stereo RCA analog I/O, plus 1×1 MIDI I/O and optical digital I/O. Bus-powered. Includes Sonar LE for PC.

Edirol UA-4FX


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